How to Make a Metal Embossing Stamp

Things You\'ll Need Clip art or designInk penLid from a plastic container or piece of scrap plastic large enough for the

Puffy Face? 10 Tips and Hacks to Reduce Face...

There’s nothing more annoying than waking up with unwanted face bloat. It can happen for a number of reasons, from snack

Differences Between Ceramics & Polymers

Ceramic and polymer are different materials both used in craft work. Ceramic and polymer are both common mate

How to Build a Homemade Mini Golf Course

Things You\'ll Need BalloonsWireTerra cotta potBucketRulersGlue dotsCereal boxesDuck tapeHard bound booksCardboard mailin

Easter Chicks Deviled Egg Recipe

Heres an Easter appetizer adorable enough to double as your table centerpiece. Turn everyday deviled eggs into almost-to

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8 Easy One Pot Meals for a Camping Road...

When you think of camping, do the words comfort and convenience come to mind? They should if youre camping in an RV.

How to Make a Metal Embossing Stamp

Things You\'ll Need Clip art or designInk penLid from a plastic container or piece of scrap plastic large enough for the

Self-Care Sunday: Give Yourself an At Home Facial in...

Did you know that you don’t need to go to the spa to get glowing skin? While getting a facial massage and special treatm

Can I Soak Potatoes in Water Overnight Before Making...

Can I Soak Potatoes in Water Overnight Before Making Mashed Potatoes? Image Credit: elenaleonova/iStock/GettyI

Sweat the Small Stuff

Working up a sweat is relaxing when you try sauna therapy. Excellent for detoxification, saunas reduce stress, stiffness, and pain.Sauna therapy is excellent for detoxification. While many assume inte


How to Prepare for Life’s Inevitabilities

How to Prepare for Life’s InevitabilitiesSpring offers the promise of warmer temperatures, but with spring cleaning, tax season and other responsibilities, it is also a season for planning.One inevita

What to Do When You’re Robbed While Traveling

I hesitated before placing my backpack in the rack above my seat, brushing off the idea that it might not be safe. It’s

15 Sugar Scrubs for Gorgeous Summer Skin

Using sugar scrubs is pretty much essential as we head into the summer months. The winter has left our skin dry and even

It's International Polar Bear Day

February 27 marks International Polar Bear Day - a time to marvel over these amazing animals as well as discuss how to keep them protected.February 27 marks International Polar Bear Day—a time to marv

How to Get Rid of Back Acne: 11 Tips...

Back acne can do a number on your self-esteem. While it may be easy to cover it up in the winter, there’s nothing worse

How to Make Easy Egg Drop Soup

While it may seem daunting, egg drop soup is actually quite easy to prepare. With plenty of options for additions and su

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Diversified Land-Use Good for Yields and the Environment

Farmers are under great pressure to produce, but this doesn’t have to be at odds with environmental sustainability.In South America four million hectares of forest are cut down every year, creating a

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