How to Create Tissue Paper Collage Art

Things You\'ll Need Tissue paper in various colorsWhite glueMixing cupSoft medium sized paintbrushStencil or clip artPenc

15 Best Blackhead Removal Mask Products and Treatments

Acne was a normal part of my teenage years, and I even struggled with bad skin into University (and beyond). I never got

Second Day Hair: 58 Headband Hairstyles We Love

When it comes to creating flawless hairstyles, second day hair is key. “Dirty” hair gives your hair just the right amoun

Rio+20 Takes Place This Week in Brazil

This week global leaders will discuss issues relating to poverty, social equity, and environmental sustainability.Rio+20, also known as the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UN

How to Dye Lambskin Leather

Things You\'ll Need Leather de-glazerFake sheepskin cloth, 2Clean ragGlovesLeather dyeSoft cloth Use your stove t

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How to Make Surreal Art

Surreal art features the element of surprise. Surrealism is as much a state of mind as it is a form of art. I

Can You Freeze Bierocks?

Bierocks, a type of German meat pie, have a savory filling of ground meat, cabbage and spices surrounded by a soft white

How to Get Dewy Skin: 13 Sun Kissed Makeup...

When summer rolls around, all most of us want is to rock that dewy, just-got-home-from-the-beach look. There’s something

Savory Bacon, Potatoes & Leeks Galette Recipe

Savory galettes are some of the best things to make once fall rolls around. Not only are they easy to make (thank you, s

How to Make a Marble Serving Tray

Take your next soiree up a notch by serving drinks and snacks on this elegant do-it-yourself marble serving tray. With a


Savory Chili Dog Sauce Recipe

I was a vegetarian for 3 years in my early 20s. I gave it all up for a chili cheese dog at a small restaurant in Burbank

How to Make an Authentic Sioux Indian Headdress

Things You\'ll Need Measuring tapeAnimal hide or flannel headbandLeatherwork needlesLeatherwork threadThimble12 feathers

Fitness Myths

Many fitness class participants are informed consumersMany fitness class participants are informed consumers. They keep their feet moving when they tire, they don’t wear wool leg warmers and they don’

Sanding an Acrylic Painting

Things You\'ll Need Acrylic paintFine sandpaperCanvasWoodMetal Sanding prepares the painting surface and creates

How to Build a Simple Megaphone

Things You\'ll Need PaperCard stockPaper plateScissorsGlueRibbonCrayonsMarkersStickersTemplatesStaplerClear packing tapeR

How to Cook Pecan Crusted Tuna Steaks in a...

Things You\'ll Need Pecans, whole or halvedResealable bagRolling pin or hammerFood processor, optionalOlive oilSaltPepper

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Insecticides May Be to Blame for Honeybee Deaths

One more reason to buy organic? Scientists have been puzzling over the widespread deaths of honeybees, and a new study suggests that insecticides may be to blame.Scientists have been puzzling and puzz

How to Make a Chicken Wire Paper Mache Volcano

Things You\'ll Need Cardboard boxScissorsPlastic bottleChicken wireNewspaperFlourCraft paintVinegarBaking sodaFunnelMakin

Bacon, Cheese & Peppers Breakfast Biscuits Recipe

There are few better things to enjoy during a delicious morning meal than a perfectly-baked, buttery, golden biscuit. An

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