How to Make PVC Hinges

Things You\’ll Need

  • PVC pipe

  • PVC glue

  • Masking tape

... PVC pipe was originally made for plumbing.

Use PVC pipes to make door hinges on your next PVC project. Manufactured for plumbing applications, PVC has gained traction as a nontraditional building material. Whether you are building a PVC greenhouse, doghouse or a gate, make the hinges on the structure out of PVC pipe to maintain a uniform white look.

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Step 1

Cut two 8-inch sections of PVC pipe that is 1/4 inch larger in diameter than the pipe on your PVC structure.

Step 2

Glue the two sections together with PVC glue. Swab a line of glue straight down the length of the pipes, then secure them together with masking tape until they are dry. Glued together, the sections should resemble the barrels of a double-barreled shotgun.

Step 3

Slide one of the glued-together PVC pipes onto a pipe on your structure and glue it in place where you want the hinge. Slide a pipe from the door or gate through the other section, but do not glue it in place, to complete the hinge. The door or gate will swing freely from the larger pipe.

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