How to Make Real Looking Cars Out of Styrofoam

Things You\’ll Need

  • Styrofoam sheets

  • Razor blade

  • Toothpicks

  • Glue

  • Model paint

  • Paintbrush

Making a model out of Styrofoam requires building the project in layers. When building a car, you will work from one side of the car to the other. By the time you are done, you will be able to add detail showing the interior compartment of the car, including passengers. Once together, you can add your own flare by painting the vehicle. When it comes to making a Styrofoam car, there are no limits to the amount of detail you can provide.

Step 1

Place a model of the car that you want to make out of Styrofoam in your work area. Having a model of the car will help you visualize your end product. The model can also be used for measurements so you can find the length, width and depth of the vehicle as you recreate it through Styrofoam.

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Step 2

Sculpt the first piece of Styrofoam panels with the passenger side of the car. This is your opportunity to make the length and height of the car for the remainder of the car. This part of the Styrofoam is where the rims will also be placed and any other design patterns that the make and model of the car hold.

Step 3

Press a toothpick into the car and put glue on the inside part of the Styrofoam sheet. Slide another sheet down onto the toothpicks until it is against the first Styrofoam sheet. Begin making the cut-out for the form of the car again. Cut away the interior for space between the door and the seats. Start fashioning the inside of the car, adding one layer at a time to your project.

Step 4

Press the last sheet of Styrofoam onto the project car that is being built. The pattern should be the exact mirror image of the first piece you created. Allow the glue to dry overnight and pull the toothpicks from the car.

Step 5

Paint the car using modeling paint and a paintbrush. Paint the car in colors that it was known to use during the year of production. This will help you to keep it looking real.

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