How to Make Big Paper Icicles

Things You\’ll Need

  • Paper

  • Scissors

  • Glitter paint

  • String

... Making icicles out of paper is a creative Christmas activity for kids.

Along with snowflakes, trees and holly, icicles are a very festive decoration to put up around your home at Christmastime. They can be put up around the edges of windows, attached as a long chain to mantelpieces or hung off the Christmas tree. Making big paper icicles is not different than making smaller versions, except a large piece of paper will be required.

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Window Icicles

Step 1

Measure the width and height of the window. These are the maximum dimensions for the icicle. Cut out a square piece of paper to these dimensions or smaller.

Step 2

Cut the paper in half diagonally to create two right-angled triangles. Along this cut edge cut out small triangles and curves to create a jagged and wavy edge to make it look more like an icicle.

Step 3

Apply glitter paint to the paper. Alternatively, apply some craft glue and sprinkle on glitter.

Step 4

Attach to the corner of a window using a temporary adhesive. These can also be attached to the corners of cupboards or cabinets.

Icicle Strings

Step 1

Cut long, thin triangles out of pieces of paper. The dimensions for these are your choice. Vary the lengths of the triangles to add texture to the icicle string.

Step 2

Make the triangles look like icicles by cutting a wavy or jagged edge on the long sides.

Step 3

Paint the icicles with glitter paint or apply craft glue and sprinkle on glitter.

Step 4

Make a small hole in the top corners of each triangle. A hole punch is best as it keeps the hole clean, but a knife or scissors could also be used.

Step 5

Thread a length of string through the first hole, bring the string behind the front of the icicle and through the second hole. Continue so the string always passes behind the icicle rather than in front.

Step 6

Secure the icicle string to a mantelpiece or similar surface using thumb tacks.


Crepe or tissue paper can also be used, although more care needs to be taken not to rip it. Using tissue paper adds texture to the icicles.

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