Easy and Delicious Breakfast Recipes to Make the Night Before

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Eating something nutritious in the A.M. revs up your metabolism and provides you with energy. If you find yourself skipping this essential meal due to a busy schedule, or if you simply want something delicious to wake up to on the weekend, check out these easy overnight breakfast recipes.

Image Credit: Shaina Olmanson | Sala Kannan | Thalia Ho A loaf of pull-apart bread dripping with sweet glaze. 2 of 9

Pull-Apart Bread

An overnight pull-apart bread is quite the delicious choice for breakfast. The spiced sugar filling baked within a fresh, flakey loaf will definitely become a family favorite. Prepare the dough and filling at night, and then bake in the morning.

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Mushroom, Spinach and Cheese Strata

This strata makes for a comforting, hearty meal. After you saute and combine your ingredients in an oven-safe dish, set it to rest for the night and then simply bake for 45 minutes in the morning until cooked through.

Image Credit: Thalia Ho/Demand Media A slice of  French toast breakfast bake served with tangerines and coffee. 4 of 9

Cinnamon Roll French Toast Breakfast Bake

This make-ahead French toast breakfast bake is perfectly spiced and easy to make. It's a sweet and warm treat you can indulge in on a cold morning.

Image Credit: Shaina Olmanson/Demand Media A dish of browned make-ahead beer and sausage breakfast bake. 5 of 9

Beer and Sausage Breakfast Bake

For something different, prepare a beer and sausage breakfast bake. It only takes 10 minutes to put together the night before, and you can bake it while you're getting ready in the morning.

Image Credit: Jackie Dodd/Demand Media Two slices of cinnamon swirl bread on a white plate 6 of 9

Cinnamon Swirl Bread

Whip up a batch of overnight cinnamon swirl bread before heading to bed. Rest the brioche dough overnight in the fridge to help it bake and rise evenly the next morning.

Image Credit: Shaina Olmanson A small mason jar filled with overnight oatmeal chia pudding with cardamom and berries. 7 of 9

Oat and Chia Pudding with Cardamom and Berries

If you're looking for a quick and easy breakfast to enjoy on-the-go, this oatmeal chia pudding with cardamom and berries is a terrific option. Pack the pudding and fresh fruit in four ounce mason jars for perfect portion sizes.

Image Credit: Sala Kannan/Demand Media Sliced herbed bread on a wooden cutting board 8 of 9

Homemade Herbed Italian Loaf

For a more savory breakfast, wake up to a delicious homemade herbed Italian loaf. This no-knead bread is deliciously soft with a slightly crispy crust.

Image Credit: Shaina Olmanson A small mason jar filled with chocolate protein overnight oats. 9 of 9

Chocolate Protein Overnight Oats

For a simple make-ahead breakfast, prepare some chocolate protein oats in a jar. Adults and kids alike will love this one!

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