8 Reasons Beyond Mardi Gras You Need to Visit New Orleans

New Orleans. What do you think of when you hear that city’s name?

Is it Mardi Gras? Does your mind immediately conjure images of Bourbon Street? Do you think of parade floats, of feathers, of crowds of people with purple/green/gold beads strung around their necks? Of lots and lots of alcohol?

Probably. And you’re not wrong for it. Mardi Gras and New Orleans go hand-in-hand.

But — and it may sound like a cliché — New Orleans has so much to offer beyond Mardi Gras.

This city is overflowing with decadent food, kaleidoscopes of color, euphoric sounds, and an immense amount of fun. It’s your prerogative if you’re only going to party, but you’ll be missing out on so much if that’s all you have in mind for your trip.

Ready to get your trip started? Check out reason #8 for an amazing opportunity to go to New Orleans with your Wanderful sisters!

1. The Colors

And the architecture. From beads decorating balconies to beautifully painted buildings. French, Spanish, Caribbean influences, and color go hand in hand! Check out St. Louis Cathedral and the Pontalba Apartments to see a glimpse of both.

2. The Beignets

JUST LOOK AT THOSE. Fried hunks of sugar-coated heaven. A classic dish. Did you even go to New Orleans without grabbing the best coffee at Cafe du Monde and a beignet?

3. The Music

The birthplace of jazz! New Orleans attracts thousands of people for its Jazz & Heritage Festival. BUT “The music in Nola isn’t just in the jazz clubs. It’s everywhere.” Every street corner has artists and all sorts of genres of music for everyone.

4. The History

There is so much history steeped into this city. With so many museums exploring jazz, art, World War II, and culture. And there’s a healthy dose of folklore, pirates, and voodoo, too. Some of the greatest literary authors were inspired here. New Orleans has truly got it all.

5. The Vibes

They don’t call it “The Big Easy” for nothing. The city is alive with music, bars, and theatres 24/7. There are over 130 festivals a year to join in on; the people here love to celebrate. And when they celebrate, they decorate. And they get dressed up in incredible costumes. Everyday life is an artistic spectacle to behold.

6. The Drinks

New Orleans is known for its drinking culture. If you’re going to drink, then try out their famous hurricane cocktail, and you can carry on walking and exploring drink in hand.

7. The People

You can’t spend time in New Orleans without making new friends. Maybe it’s the warm weather drawing everyone outdoors. Maybe it’s the drinks. Maybe it’s the vibes and celebrations and parties that never seem to stop. Or maybe it’s just the fact that New Orleans attracts vibrant, unique, community-focused people together. Whatever it is, we’re here for it. Especially when those people support local businesses and uplift other women.

8. Wanderfest!

Did you know that Wanderful is organizing a festival in New Orleans?

Get all of the above plus an incredible weekend shared with like-minded women who love to travel. Wanderfest is the world’s first outdoor travel festival for women to gather, share, learn, dance, and celebrate the sisterhood.

Promo graphic for Wanderfest by Wanderful happening in New Orleans in March 2022

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