Can You Freeze Bierocks?

Bierocks, a type of German meat pie, have a savory filling of ground meat, cabbage and spices surrounded by a soft white bread. They freeze well when fully cooked, providing a quick meal or on-the-go snack with just a bit of reheating. Packaging and freezing them correctly ensures they taste as good from the freezer as they did fresh from the oven.

Bierock Prepping

Thoroughly draining the meat and cabbage filling before stuffing and baking the bread helps reduce the amount of liquid. Too much liquid in the filling can result in a soggy bierock, either during baking or after freezing and thawing. Bake the bierocks completely, even if you plan to freeze them. Allow them to cool to room temperature before packaging them for the freezer so their internal heat doesn't cause condensation, which can result in freezer burn or soggy bread upon thawing.

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Proper Packaging

Freezing the bierocks individually allows you to remove them from the freezer one at a time because they won't be stuck together in a frozen lump. Lay the cooked bierocks on a tray or cookie sheet, and place them in a zero-degree Fahrenheit freezer for two or three hours, or until they are completely frozen. Transfer the bierocks to a freezer storage bag, press out the air and seal closed. Alternatively, wrap each bierock individually in plastic wrap before placing them in the bag. Individually wrapped bierocks work well for grab and go lunches or meals.

Freezer Storage

Although you can store frozen foods indefinitely without spoilage in a zero-F freezer, quality will eventually begin to decline. Bierocks store well in the freezer for two to three months. Date the packaging with the freeze date so you know when to use them by for the best quality. Further extend the quality of the frozen bierocks by ensuring the bag remains sealed at all times during storage. Air and moisture are the primary causes of freezer burn.

Thawing and Reheating

Bierocks only require thawing and reheating because they are completely cooked before storage. Reheat them from frozen by placing them in a preheated 325-F oven for 15 minutes, or until they are warmed through. You can also reheat them in the microwave. Cook at one minute intervals, checking often so they don't become overcooked. Oven reheating works best because it warms the bierock evenly and doesn't result in tough or overcooked bread.

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