How to Make a Miniature Ferris Wheel

Things You\’ll Need

  • Jumbo craft sticks

  • Hot glue gun

  • Hot glue

  • Scissors

  • Drill

  • 2 Rubber washers, 1/4-inch diameter

  • 2 Dowel rods, 1/4-inch diameter, 4-inches long

  • 1 Dowel rod, 1/4-inch diameter, 1/2-inch long

  • Tape measure

The Ferris wheel has been a favorite carnival ride since the first Ferris wheel, The Pleasure Wheel, was created in 1620. The first Ferris wheels were inspired by water wheels used for irrigation and milling. A miniature Ferris wheel can be made for school projects, craft projects or just for fun. This Ferris wheel project is made with items you can find at any craft store.

Step 1

Create a triangle shape out of three craft sticks. Place two more craft sticks on both sides of the triangle to create another two triangles, using the sides of the original as the third side of the triangle. Continue adding crafts sticks until the triangles meet and create a circular shape. There is a small hole in the center of the wheel where the sticks meet.

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Step 2

Glue the triangle together with a dot of hot glue at each connecting point.

Step 3

Repeat Steps 1 and 2 to create another circular shape.

Step 4

Cut two craft sticks to fit over the hole in the center of the wheels. Place one cut piece over the center on each side of both the circular shapes. This provides extra support to the wheels. Glue the cut pieces to the wheels.

Step 5

Glue one dowel rod in the center of the two wheels connecting them together with a 4-inch gap in the middle.

Step 6

Cut five to six craft sticks into 4-inch lengths and glue them in between the two wheels for the seats or crossbars of the Ferris wheel. Jumbo craft sticks are 5 7/8 inches long. Glue these sticks where the triangle corners meet.

Step 7

Make the base of the Ferris wheel. Make two triangles out of 12 sticks. Each side of the triangle contains two craft sticks. Glue the sticks together where they meet. Place one craft stick over the connection in the middle of each side and glue it on for extra support.

Step 8

Measure and cut two craft sticks into 5-inch lengths. Place one cut craft stick flat on the table and stand one triangle up vertical lining up the corner of the triangle with the craft stick. Lay the other cut stick down and line up the corner on the other side of the triangle. Glue the horizontal sticks to the triangle. Line up the second triangle on the other ends of the horizontal sticks and glue it into place.

Step 9

Drill a hole 1/4-inch hole through the craft sticks at the top of the base. The hole is placed into the center of the point where the top two sides of each triangle meet.

Step 10

Glue the two remaining dowel rods to the middle of the outsides of the wheel. Glue these to the cut craft stick supports. Slide a rubber washer on each dowel rod and slide the dowel rods into the holes on the base.

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