DIY No-Sew Tooth Fairy Pillow

Turn the milestone of losing one's baby tooth into an enchanting experience with a whimsical tooth fairy pillow. It'll make the occasion much less scary when you add a dusting of tooth fairy magic to it. And you'll create heartwarming memories for you and your children to look upon fondly down the road.

Two hanging tooth fairy pillows Back side of tooth fairy pillow with money in pouch

Things You\’ll Need

  • Free template

  • Canvas fabric

  • Scissors

  • Sewing pins

  • Felt sheets (black, pink and navy blue)

  • Hot glue gun with fabric hot glue sticks

  • Pink acrylic craft paint

  • Sponge

  • Polyester fiber fill

  • Gold ribbon

  • Gold glitter paper

Step 1

Download and print the free template. Cut out all of the components.

Cutting out template

Step 2

Pin the tooth-shaped template to the canvas fabric and cut out two tooth-shaped fabric pieces to form the front and back of the pillow.

Cutting out fabric

Step 3

Cut two eye shapes out of black felt (lashes are optional; cut four) and either the heart-shaped lips out of pink felt or the smiling lips out of black felt.

Eyes and mouth arranged on fabric


Since the eyes/mouth are so small, I found it easier to hold the template pieces in place on top of the felt while cutting around them versus pinning them to the felt.

Step 4

Use the template as a guide to place the eyes and mouth on the front tooth piece and then glue them in place using fabric hot glue.

Gluing eyes to fabric

Step 5

Dip a damp sponge in a tiny bit of pink craft paint and blot it on scrap paper to remove excess paint. Then lightly dab some paint onto the fabric to form flushed cheeks on the tooth fairy's face.

Painting cheeks on fabric

Step 6

Use the template to cut out the money pouch. I found navy blue felt with a bit of glitter in it, which I think kind of resembles fairy dust and adds another sweet layer of charm.

Cutting out felt for money pouch

Step 7

Glue the sides and bottom of the money pouch to the back tooth piece, leaving the top of the pouch open.

Money pouch glued to back piece

Step 8

Place the right sides of the front tooth piece and back tooth piece together (money pouch face down on the tooth fairy's face).

Placing right sides of pillow pieces together

Step 9

Hot glue along the entire seam of the tooth shape, but leave an opening at the top to use for stuffing the pillow.

Hot gluing along pillow seam

Step 10

Turn the pillow right side out and stuff it with polyester fiber fill. If needed, use the back of a pencil to work the filling down into the "legs" of the tooth fairy.

Stuffing pillow with fiber fill

Step 11

Cut a 12-inch piece of gold ribbon and insert both ends inside the top opening of the pillow to form a loop for hanging. Glue down both ends centered inside the pillow.

Gluing hanging ribbon inside pillow

Step 12

Fold in the raw edges along the top opening and glue the top closed.

Gluing top opening closed

Step 13

Use the template to either make a gold star headband or a superhero mask.

Two hanging tooth fairy pillows

To make the headband, cut four stars out of gold glitter paper and glue them to a strip of gold ribbon that's long enough to tie around the pillow.

Making gold star headband

To make the superhero mask, cut the mask shape out of navy blue felt and cut two stars out of gold glitter paper. Glue a star on each side of the mask and then glue a strip of gold ribbon on each side of the mask, making sure both ribbon strips are long enough to tie around the pillow.

Superhero mask on tooth fairy pillow

When your little ones lose a tooth, simply place the tooth in the pouch and hang the pillow from their bed post or door knob.

Tooth fairy pillow hanging on door knob

Be sure to remember (wink, wink) the tooth fairy must pay them a magical visit while they slumber–and watch them awake in awe and wonder when they discover the little gift she left for them!

Child\'s hand grabbing money out of pouch

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