How to Make Willow Twig Balls

Things You\’ll Need

  • Willow twigs

  • Floral shears

  • Bucket of water

... Make these incredibly cute willow twig balls in minutes.

Willow twig balls make attractive home decor crafts. They are quick and easy to make and you can make them in sizes that best suit your decor needs. Use willow rather than other vines or branches as it is durable and supple. Make a couple of willow twig balls and place them in a bowl on your table. Leave a small gap in one side and squeeze them over a lightbulb as a lam shade, or hang them from ribbons to spice up a dull corner.

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Step 1

Cut 4-foot lengths of willow twigs with floral shears. It is best to cut them just after winter before they get their first spring growth. If you cut them during the fall, spring or summer, soak them in water to make them more flexible. Willow cut in the winter should be left in a warm place to thaw before soaking in water.

Step 2

Remove all leaves and branches from your willow twigs with the floral shears so that you have long, straight lengths.

Step 3

Take two lengths of willow and bend them into a circle. Twist the ends around each other so that the twigs keep their circular shape. Repeat to make a second circle.

Step 4

Squeeze one circle into the other so that they form an "X" shape, forming the frame for your willow twig ball.

Step 5

Take one length of willow at a time and stick the end into the twists on the circles, then wrap the willow twig around the ball, securing the other end by sticking into one of the twists. Continue to wrap willow twigs all around the willow twig ball until it is as densely covered as you want the ball to be.


Supervise younger crafters who are using floral shears.

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