Five Fun Family Activities for the Holidays

Five Fun Family Activities for the Holidays

Savour the holiday season by taking part in these fun family-friendly activities for the winter break.

Your kids are probably counting down the days (hours, even) of school left before the holidays. Parents, on the other hand, may be getting a little dizzy at the thought of coming up with family activities to keep everyone entertained over the break, while still taking care of the never ending “to-do” lists.

Here are some ideas that the entire family will enjoy.

Get moving!
Although regular lessons such as gymnastics or swimming may break for the holiday season, that doesn’t mean your kids’ physical activity should. Get outdoors as a family and seize the season by trying out winter sports: snowshoeing, ice skating, downhill skiing, and cross-country skiing.

Channel your inner yogi
Let’s face it: kids can get a little present-focused over the holidays. And with all the TV commercials advertising the latest toys, who can blame them? Yoga can help keep kids grounded and focused on what’s really important over the holiday break. Our new article “Holiday Mindfulness for Kids” suggests breathing exercises and five festive yoga poses to try out.

Practise gratitude
The holiday season is also about being grateful for what we have, and helpful those less fortunate. Why not create a “gratitude tree” as a family that lists all the things in your life that you’re grateful for.

Another wonderful learning opportunity is taking the kids to volunteer at a seniors’ centre or soup kitchen, or donate to a food bank.

Whip up some holiday treats
Is holiday baking on your “to-do” list? Get the kids involved, and encourage healthier options at the same time. Our recent article “Cookie Swap!” has some perfect cookie recipes.

Enjoy the season
Summer gets all the attention as the best season, but winter has its own highlights. Enjoy the holiday season by:

  • having a snowball fight
  • taking a walk to admire neighbours’ Christmas lights
  • checking out community holiday events
  • hosting a holiday party with a silly theme, such as an “ugly holiday sweater” party with holiday trivia
  • playing board games together
  • making a snowman
  • going carolling

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