Celebrate Organic Week, September 22 to 29!

Celebrate Organic Week, September 22 to 29!

To celebrate Organic Week 2012 (September 22 to 29), we’re blogging about organics in Canada. Stay tuned!

To celebrate Organic Week 2012 (September 22 to 29), we’re blogging about organics in Canada. Today we’re talking about the ways you can get involved.

Stay tuned for more Organic Week coverage throughout the week!

About Organic Week
This is the third consecutive time that Organic Week has been celebrated across Canada. A collaborative effort between the Canadian Organic Growers and Canada Organic Trade Association, Organic Week is a chance to promote the growing field of organics, partner with groups across the country, and have a conversation between organic sector leaders and parliamentarians in Ottawa, to discuss current important issues to organics.

Fittingly, Organic Week kicked off during the 2012 Canadian Health Food Association Expo in Toronto. It’s also the 50 year anniversary of when Silent Spring was published, Rachel Carson’s inspiring environmental book.

Get involved!
There are tons of ways you can get involved and support Organic Week.

Connect via social media
Learn more about Organic Week, connect with them online, or spread the word to your family and friends:

  • Organic Week on Facebook
  • Organic Week  on Twitter 
  • Organic Week online

Check out events near you
Don’t miss out! Check out Organic Week’s events page to find an event near you. Some of the events planned include:

  • dialogues, discussions, and film screenings
  • cooking classes and workshops
  • organic and raw dinners; breakfasts; coffee samplings; and special menus from certain restaurants and chefs
  • farm tours
  • specials, deals, and giveaways at various health food stores

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