Take Care of Your Hair: 7 Worst Foods for...

If you want long, strong and healthy hair, it matters how you treat it. Not only are there habits that can stunt hair gr

Buffalo Ranch Chicken Dip Recipe

Buffalo chicken has to be one of my favorite flavor combinations out there. Buffalo wings, buffalo chicken pizza, and my

How to Make My Own Crinkled Paper Shreds

Things You\'ll Need PaperPaper shredderCardboard boxPlastic bag Using shredded paper as a packing material is a f

5 Tips for Stress-free Holidays

It might be the happiest season of all, but it could also be the most stressful. Here’s our alive guide to making the holiday season calmer!It might be the happiest season of all, but it could also be

How to Get Dewy Skin: 13 Sun Kissed Makeup...

When summer rolls around, all most of us want is to rock that dewy, just-got-home-from-the-beach look. There’s something

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Cast Iron Skillet Recipe: Calzone

This cast iron skillet calzone is delicious. Its a versatile, quick and easy meal that comes together in no time, and is

How to Make Lace Stiff Permanently

Things You\'ll Need 1 oz. permanent glue1 oz. waterSmall bowlCraft stickPush pinsPolystyrene foam or cork boardLiquid sta

Wildlife Wednesday: Fin Whale

This Wildlife Wednesday, learn about the lesser known, second-largest animal in the world - the fin whale.Many people know that the answer to “What’s the world’s largest animal?” is a blue whale. Howe


How to Make Rope Out of Coconut Husk

Things You\'ll Need Dry coconut husksLarge, flat stoneMalletSalt waterLarge tubSunlightMachete Use dry, mature co

Can You Freeze Abalone?

Abalone is caught in many areas including California, Mexico, Japan and South Africa. Image Credit: Comstock/S

How to Make Real Looking Cars Out of Styrofoam

Things You\'ll Need Styrofoam sheetsRazor bladeToothpicksGlueModel paintPaintbrushMaking a model out of Styrofoam require

How to Make a 3D Pyramid Where You Can...

Things You\'ll Need Poster boardRulerScissorsVelcroGlue Now you can build an accurate model of the Great Pyramid

Red Thai Curry Lentil Recipe

Lentils are a great addition to your regular weeknight meals. They are not only really easy to make, but they are also g

How to Make Fake Bushes

Things You\'ll Need BranchesTree snipsFloral wireFloral tapeSandpaperCap or canParaffinSandAdhesiveGreen paper or fabricL

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Wildlife Wednesday: Orangutans

This Wildlife Wednesday, learn about the endangered orangutan - a close relative of humans that is gravely threatened by palm oil production.This Wildlife Wednesday, learn about the endangered orangut

How to Style a Lob: 6 Step-by-Step Hair Tutorials...

Feel like it’s time to switch up your hairstyle? You may want to consider a lob. Sister style to the bob haircut, a lob

How to Mod Podge Pictures

How to Mod Podge pictures Image Credit: Angie Diersman Mod Podge is a water based sealer, glue and finish.

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